High-End Avon Remodel

project brief

A high-profile remodel of epic proportions is the best way to describe this project. This award-winning, 9,115 square foot home set on Avon Mountain needed each nook and cranny customized for its new owners.

The breadth of the remodel included major structural changes down to complex materials and complex, custom finishes. Some of the amenities added included two wine cellars with tasting rooms, quarters for staff, multiple kitchens, an elevator, well appointed bar, additional kitchens and more. Exterior add-ons included extensive wrought iron, water features, an outdoor kitchen and hardscapes.

Although the finished product is extremely rewarding, some challenges had to be overcome. Many of the structural improvements involved careful demolition while working around areas that were not to be touched. Some technical considerations had to be made for high-end upgrades including the built-in salt water aquarium as well as the elevator. The new finishes are complex with intricately laid out materials.

The final result is absolutely sublime.



This stunning property is located atop Avon Mountain on one of the most prestigous home sites ever made available. The sweeping 180 degree view of the Farmington Valley is absolutely breathtaking. The home was built so that the incredible sunsets can be seen from almost every room.